Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Gr. 6/7 T

    Ms. G. Tarswell

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    Pro-D - Oct. 21 School Not in Session

  • Topic 1

    Students are concentrating on the basic skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  They are also applying these skills to problem solving. 
    • Topic 2

      Language Arts

      Novel studies are due at the end of each month.

      Grade six and seven are working together on Big Red to present a skit of the book.  Groups of 4 are set up to read 2 chapters each and present them as a skit.  This will show the entire class the story without everyone having to read the book. Predicting, connecting and logical sequencing skills are taught.

      In writing, students are working on a story about becoming invisible.  Rough copies are handed in for editing, followed by good copy correcting.

      Spelling test are weekly.  New words are pretested on Tuesday with final tests on Friday.

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    • Topic 3


      Our Grossology unit is completed after many laughs over "gross" body functions. 

      Students are now exploring individually selected animals and their biomes. 

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      • Topic 4


        Grade six students are studying the elements of culture and the social responsibility of living in a multi-cultural country.

        Grade sevens have completed their study of early humans and are now looking closely at Mesopotamia.

        • Topic 5


          Agendas should be signed each school day.  It is helpful for students to be encouraged to complete assignments in a timely fashion. 

          We had two students participate in the cross country run in Merritt.

          Numerous students went to Vancouver with the band.

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