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    We are a team consisting of Counsellors, the Wellness Teacher, and the Behaviour Support Teacher of School District 58.

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    • Need Us?

      Report anything that concerns you about yourself or others without worry to a School District #58 Counsellor.

      Tammy Froese - K-3 Counsellor

      Marcia Cooper - Grades 4-7 Counsellor

      Brent Bowden - High School Counsellor (MSS)

      Alison McDonald - High School Counsellor (MSS)

      Sara Illingworth - Elementary and High School Counsellor (Princeton) 

      • What is BULLYING? Be in the know...

        Bullying can be verbal, cyber, physical, or emotional. 

        Find great info for students and parents at

        • Links and such...

          A great website for Anger Management info and techniques for parents, kids, counsellors, teachers:

          • Do Violent Media Create Violent Kids?

                Studies show that the link between the media and violence  is not so cut and dry as to say one leads to the other.  Parents should always remain aware of the games, shows, books, websites their children are consuming.  Talking to your kids about what they see and hear is also very important.   One of the best sites I have found to help parents along these lines is                            Common Sense Media

                The site provides detailed information regarding the books, sites, shows, etc. that kids have access to and gives you ideas on how you can talk to your child about what they have seen.  It makes sense to me to limit a child's exposure to violent media, but if they happen to see a violent movie at a friend's house, the information provided on this site can help them make sense of what they have seen.